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Books, lectures, essays, news about Brazil and the blog „BRAZIL NEWS"  by Karlheinz K. Naumann

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Kapitel „Facetten des Imports“

Redline-Verlag, operating today as Finanzbuchverlag, writes about the book:

Indispensable insider knowledge about the largest South American market. Brazil is a country with almost unlimited possibilities. Pundit Karlheinz Kurt Naumann describes vividly and competently what makes the country so interesting for European companies. More than 30 years of management and consulting experience are incoporated in this book.


He answers questions like: What political and historical background does the Brazilian economy have? Which market entry options are available? How does the Brazilian tax system work, and what needs to be considered in employment law? What are the specifics of Brazilian business culture?


Numerous company examples and reports make the book an exciting and practical user guide for managers and entrepreneurs who are involved in one of the most beautiful countries in South America - or still want to get involved.

Chapter: the facets of importation


Bundesanzeigerverlag writes in the description of its authors about Naumann i.a.:

Dipl.-Ing. Karlheinz K. Naumann is the founder and managing partner of Eurolatina Assessoria Empresarial in São Paulo, a service company that helps foreign companies on their way to Brazil, i. a. by means of company formation, purchase, management and through the mediation of shops and business partners. Between1997 and 2015, Naumann also precided the former Brazil / Mercosur company pool of the IHK Essen, where he continues to consult interested entrepreneurs several times a year. Prior to his job as a business developer he i. a. served as managing director of automotive parts manufacturers in Brazil, South Africa and Mexico. In addition to a lively lecture, he publishes the blog "Brazil News" and wrote the book "Wirtschaftsboom am Zuckerhut". He also represents the foreign shareholders of several Brazilian companies as agents in the country and also represents their interests as managing director.

Click on the link below and read the essays, lectures and EUROLATINA news about Brazil written by Karlheinz K. Naumann

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