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Karlheinz K. Naumann
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EUROLATINA is not operated by consultants but by entrepreneurs. This stands for the highest possible practical relevance. Our clients do not want theories, but quick, tangible and sustainable results.


Eurolatina turned 25 years old in 2019. The company was initially a sheer consulting firm, founded by Karlheinz K. Naumann, the former managing partner of a subsidiary of an international management consultancy in São Paulo, headquartered in Germany.


He has worked in Brazil as a consultant, technical director of an automotive supplier, vice president of the AHK (Chamber of Foreign Trade) São Paulo junior chamber, board member of the local VDI, president of the local REFA association and advisory board of the AHK São Paulo. In  addition he has gained a mount of experience in the Brazilian Institute of Technology, complemented by his position as managing director for automotive parts manufacturing companies in South Africa and Mexico, and previously as executive assistant and head of technology development with responsibility for value analysis, manufacturing development and innovation of a group in Germany for which he moved to Brazil at the end of 1978.


By recommendation of the AHK São Paulo he also took over the office of the head of the newly founded NRW - company pool Brazil - Mercosur the IHK GmbH and later the IHK Essen in 1997. As a result, EUROLATINA became engaged in brokerage of business partners in Brazil and the Mercosul member states for German companies, later also establishing branches in Brazil and supporting them and expanding their activities throughout South America and in special cases also to Central America and Mexico. EUROLATINA has helped more than 300 German company pool member companies to make the right decision while entering the Brazilian market by the end of 2014, when the IHK Essen, the last chamber of industry and commerce in North Rhine-Westphalia ceased pooling activities.

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During the brokerage of distribution partners, EUROLATINA was often asked to operate as a commercial agency. This created another business area for EUROLATINA and, after ten years of cooperation with INP Deutschland GmbH, led to the formation of joint venture company INP do Brasil Ltda. in 2017 as well as the formation of AMS do Brasil Ltda. in 2007 by Karlheinz K. Naumann. After the joining of Holger Sax, the German AMS GmbH and the Japanese NipponRika Group, the latter trades as AMS - NIPPON RIKA do Brasil Ltda. Both Holger Sax and AMS used to be long-standing customers of EUROLATINA.

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Holger Sax
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On January 1st, 2018, the aforementioned German entrepreneur Holger Sax, who holds another stake in a company in the U.S., joined EUROLATINA as a shareholder. As a business economist, he perfectly complements his engineering colleague and as a logical consequence took over the responsibility for finance and administration not only for EUROLATINA but also for the client companies that are being founded and managed.


His experience as the owner of a more than 100-year-old textile company in Germany benefits EUROLATINA's SME customers in Brazil because it requires less great concepts, but more practical knowledge, life experience and self-responsible implementation of proposals, taking into account customer needs and country-specific circumstances.

Globalization led Sax to look around for new business early on. Therefore, together with a U.S. partner, he founded a Florida land development company, which today runs a large farm and real estate business. Sax travelled to Brazil with his current partner Naumann in search of investment opportunities before joined AMS-NIPPON RIKA DO BRASIL. Following this, he also became partner of EUROLATINA. Thus he also became a shareholder at the INP DO BRASIL mediately.

EUROLATINA sees itself not as a classic consulting company, but as a partner of its customers that solves the tasks assigned to us from the perspective of the entrepreneur and managing director. For this purpose, we determine information, develop concepts, assess risks, derive activities from them and carry them out together with you, assuming operational responsibility on site.

We advise you on all questions that you have about the Brazilian business and recommend you, as well as the book of our founding partner "Wirtschaftsboom am Zuckerhut", published in 2008 by Redline-Verlag (ISBN 978-3-636-01559-4) with hints and practical examples on the history, geography, culture, politics and economics of Brazil.


Our Latin American specialists also help you with advice and assistance in other countries, from the Texas border with Mexico to Cape Horn, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.


EUROLATINA is headquartered in São Paulo, with over 20 million inhabitants in the Metropolitan Area, the locomotive of Brazil, and has longstanding permanent project partners in Rio de Janeiro, Campinas and Manaus. Outside Brazil, agencies in Caracas, Buenos Aires, Gärtringen, Köln, Stuttgart and Neuss are being maintained.

EUROLATINA employees: multilingual staff in Brazil who have been trained as engineers, chemists, business economists, accountants and lawyers, and also have some practical experience abroad, e.g. in Spain, England, Ireland, Austria or Japan. Some of them can be seen here:

Vertriebsmitarbeiter in São Paulo

Mitarbeiter in São Paulo, links unser Projektpartner aus Rio

Projektpartner in Buenos Aires

Vertriebsmitarbeiter in Taquaritinga

Projektpartner in Gärtringen (Stuttgart)

FEIMEC 2018 

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